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Last night Eddie attended the Britannia Awards and I have added pics of him from the ceremony!

I want to thank Lindsey for donating some of the pics from this event!

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Eddie Redmayne Web > 2014 > October 30 | Britannia Awards – Ceremony

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Vanity Fair spoke to Eddie at the BAFTA LA Tea yesterday about Stephen Hawking!

The Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything will make you cry. (It even made Hawking himself cry, and he lived the story.) But there are also moments of surprising laugh-out-loud levity, courtesy of Hawking’s enduring wit, which never seemed to wane, even after the physicist lost his ability to speak following a tracheotomy.

In fact, Redmayne says that Hawking’s wicked sense of humor was so apparent during his first conversation with the award-winning cosmologist, that he worked with director James Marsh and the writer Anthony McCarten to incorporate Hawking’s comedic flair into the film.

“The overriding thing when I met [Hawking] was this extraordinary, razor-sharp wit and formidable humor,” Redmayne told us on Wednesday, at a tea he hosted, along with Burberry and Vanity Fair, in celebration of BAFTA Los Angeles. “There is a kind of mischief, a Lord of Misrule quality that I tried to take away from spending time with him, that I tried to bring into the performance.”

The humor is apparent in the film. After the British scientist learns that the computerized voice he can use to communicate only comes equipped with an American accent, Hawking breaks in the system by delivering some of his favorite movie lines from American leading men. Later in the film, when asked about the pitfalls of fame by a fan, he jokes that he simply tells people who recognize him that the real Stephen Hawking is much better looking in person.

“He was endlessly poking fun of everything,” Redmayne told us of their time together. “I remember that I saw him right before he finally saw [The Theory of Everything] and I had spent seven months preparing, making the film. I remember telling him, ‘Stephen, I’m very nervous for you to see the film but do let me know what you think.’”

“He spent about nine minutes typing something out and then, in that iconic computer voice, said, ‘I will let you know what I think, good or otherwise.’”

“I was like, ‘O.K., well maybe if it’s otherwise, just stick with ‘otherwise.’ You don’t have to go into the minutiae or details of things I got wrong.’”

Just because Hawking does have the ability to skewer a conversational opponent with his intellect and equally attuned wit does not mean that the physicist abused that advantage.

“There is a wonderful story from one of the nurses I met with,” Redmayne told us. “She had graduated from nursing school and her first job interview was with Stephen. She was only 18 or 19 years old and was utterly terrified.”

“She spent all night researching and she went all prepped to the interview, but then he only asked her one question. He asked her, ‘Can you poach an egg?’ She said yes. And he said, ‘You got the job.’”

There are moments in the film when Redmayne, as Hawking, explains some of the physicist’s more sophisticated black hole theories. We asked the actor just how much of that dense scientific dialogue he understood.

“I hope that in the end I understood as much as I had to talk about,” he told us. “But it took quite a lot of work. It was a great acting feat trying to pretend like I had an idea of what I was talking about. I worked with one of Stephen’s old students who is a professor in London.”

There were quite a few interruptions in Redmayne’s studies though.

“He would start talking about the intricate complications of string theory,” the actor told us, “and I’d have to say, ‘Please imagine I am seven years old.”

The Theory of Everything opens in theaters on November 7.

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Okay another new event! This time Eddie attended the amFar Inspiration Gala and looked super dapper in his Tom Ford tuxedo!

There are now over 300 pics from last night’s festivities in the gallery! A giant thank you to Renee for donating some of the pics that are in the gallery!

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Man Eddie has been on the town this week! This time he helped host the BAFTA Los Angeles Britannia Awards luncheon.

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Last night Eddie and Felicity were in Los Angeles to attend the premiere of their new film The Theory of Everything. Eddie wore a cobalt blue Alexander McQueen suit which he accented with a black & silver tie.

There are now over 300 pics from last night’s festivities in the gallery! A giant thank you to my amazing friends Helen & Renee for donating some of the pics that are in the gallery! They were a huge help!

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The Evening Standard gives us a look into Eddie taking on this new role as the amazing Stephen Hawking and how he feels about it all.

As Eddie Redmayne takes on the biggest role of his career, he talks falling apart in the presence of a great man and how the professor has killer timing

As Eddie Redmayne downs his tea I notice three girls standing by a tower of funghi, surreptitiously trying to take his photograph. “Whatever Eddie’s got, that’s what you spend your life looking for,” says his agent Dallas Smith, who saw him in Twelfth Night and signed him on the spot. “He had a unique presence, even completely untrained, the sort of magnetism that only great actors have. The fact he had gone to Eton and Cambridge was meaningless. He had the most astonishing natural acting ability. You can’t teach that.”

Tom Hooper, who directed Redmayne in Les Misérables, concurs. “Eddie has the most prodigious gift, and it’s got to a point where his talent transcends the whole discussion,” he says. “There are plenty of people who went to Eton. There is only one actor like him.”

Redmayne, who is about to appear as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, is in many ways an unlikely actor. “I’ve no idea where any of it comes from,” Michael Grandage says. “I’m not sure he does. Ask him!”

Redmayne was born in London in 1982 into a family who had never dipped a toe into the performing arts. His mother Patricia runs a relocation business and loves golf; his father Richard is a banker. His half-brother Charlie is the CEO of the publisher HarperCollins; his half-sister Eugenie works for Prudential. His elder brother James is in private equity and his younger brother Tom has recently qualified as a chartered surveyor.

While at Cambridge Redmayne himself did internships at City broker Cazenove — “the greatest acting job of my life, trying to pretend I knew what a share was” — and on the Evening Standard business pages. “I wrote a piece about tax self-assessment schemes, all of about seven lines, but I did get a byline. My mum’s probably kept it somewhere.”

Then one afternoon his shift in the pub was interrupted by a call from Smith. He had landed a part in Doctors, the daytime-TV soap. “Probably the most exciting day of my life.”

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With a new cover story comes a new photo shoot and we have three images from Eddie’s new shoot for Variety Magazine.

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A new poster from The Theory of Everything has been released and now can be found in our gallery! So pretty!

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Eddie featured on the cover of the new issue of Variety Magazine and here is a glimpse at the cover story!

Eddie Redmayne always knew that the toughest critic of “The Theory of Everything” would be the man he portrays onscreen — Stephen Hawking. The 72-year-old physicist recently made the trek from his home in Cambridge, England, to Working Title’s production offices in London to watch the biopic based on his life. Hawking’s longtime battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has left him a quadriplegic, and he speaks through a computer-generated voice amplifier. Before the screening, he met Redmayne. “He took a while to type something, then said, ‘I’ll let you know what I think — good or otherwise,’ ” Redmayne recalls. “I said, ‘Stephen, if it’s otherwise, you don’t need to go into details.’ ”

SEE MORE: From the October 28, 2014 issue of Variety

After the lights came up, a nurse wiped a tear from Hawking’s eye. He called the film “broadly true,” and even celebrated with the film’s director James Marsh and screenwriter Anthony McCarten at a bar where he sipped champagne from a teaspoon. “He emailed us,” Marsh says, “and said there were certain points when he thought he was watching himself.”

Redmayne pulls off one of the most challenging — and bravest — transformations of the year in “The Theory of Everything,” which Focus Features releases on Nov. 7. It’s the first leading role for the 32-year-old actor, who won the Tony for the 2010 play “Red,” and appeared in 2011’s “My Week With Marilyn” as fly-on-the-wall Colin Clark, and 2012’s “Les Miserables” as the heartthrob Marius. In the Wachowski sibling’s upcoming space-opera “Jupiter Ascending” (slated for February), Redmayne plays an intergalactic tycoon, and he’ll take on Lili Elbe, a transgender woman born as the painter Einar Wegener, in Tom Hooper’s drama “The Danish Girl,” which starts shooting in January. But first, he’ll need to jump through the three-ring circus of awards season.

After “The Theory of Everything” premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September, Redmayne earned raves and Oscar buzz. The blogosphere is salivating over the prospect of him competing with another classically trained British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of World War II drama “The Imitation Game.” But Redmayne won’t campaign negatively against his friend, whom he met when the two were playing Scarlett Johansson’s husbands in 2008’s “The Other Boleyn Girl.”

“I totally see why people are (comparing us), because of the subject matter; we both play geniuses,” says Redmayne, sitting on the outdoor patio of his SoHo hotel on a recent New York afternoon. “But I won’t be engaged in that. I think he’s the most beautiful actor. I’ve long admired his work, and continue to do so. I hope there’s room for both our films.” Cumberbatch had played Hawking in a 2004 BBC TV movie, and the actor’s name even showed up on set one day, when “Theory of Everything” was filming at his old boarding school. “There was this hilarious moment when we were shooting a scene at Harrow School,” Redmayne says. “There was a wooden board with names engraved on it, and by my head was ‘B. Cumberbatch.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re haunting me!’ I took a selfie of me dressed as Stephen and sent it to Ben.”

Redmayne is part of the new British invasion in Hollywood — a group of actors that includes Cumberbatch, Andrew Garfield, Jack O’Connell (“300: Rise of an Empire”), Charlie Cox (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Tom Hiddleston (“The Avengers”). Many of these leading men have passionate fans on Twitter and Tumblr (“Redmayniacs” and “Cumberbitches,” for instance), though none is yet a giant global box office draw.

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Eddie is on the cover of the new issue of Variety Magazine which is the Awards Season Issue. And doesn’t he look dashing?!?!?