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Two scans from the new issue of People Magazine.

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Yesterday Eddie took over Focus Feature’s twitter account to do tweets with various press sites including People.com. Here are some of the questions from the People Twitter Chat.

After seeing Eddie Redmayne’s moving performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, we had lots of questions, and we know you did, too. That’s why PEOPLE sat down with the actor so he could tell all – and the questions came straight from our readers!

You wanted to know all about his role in the film, and the actor took to Twitter to dish on everything from Stephen Hawking and science to The Simpsons and his time at the University of Cambridge.

Welcome, Eddie! @KaeleighFuran23 wants to know: How did you get into character? To play Stephen Hawking must be intimidating! #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @KaeleighFuran23 Super intimidating but a great privilege. Learned about @alsassociation @mndassoc & worked with a dancer 4 mvt

From @jamestereo_: #AskEddie Was the process of embodying the character as hard as it seemed to be?

.@peoplemag @jamestereo_ It was hard but hugely rewarding. This film has taught me a vast amount & I got to hang w/Prof Hawking :)

From @_Will_Jacobs: When working on a character, what do you start with first? #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @_Will_Jacobs Changes with each character, but often the physicality and voice/accent.

From @evalewisc: #AskEddie What was going through your mind when you first met Stephen Hawking? Ps. I’m a huge fan :D

.@peoplemag @evalewisc Trying not to make a fool of myself (I made a fool of myself, but he’s truly funny).

From @evalewisc: #AskEddie what was your impression of Stephen Hawking before you started researching him for #TheTheoryofEverything?

.@peoplemag @evalewisc I’d seen him at Cambridge (and on @TheSimpsons). I knew he had a great mind and wit but I was pretty ignorant.

From @wilsonjames_23: @FocusFeatures what were the biggest challenges in taking on this role? #AskEddie

.@peoplemag @wilsonjames_23 There were many tricky parts: the science! But hardest was the shifting physicality (bc film wasn’t shot in seq)

From @samsonitelee: #askeddie What did Stephen Hawking say about your portrayal of him?

.@peoplemag @samsonitelee He was really kind and sweetly offered us his copyrighted voice to use in the film.

And that’s a wrap – thanks for chatting with us, Eddie! (And everyone: Go check him out in #TheTheoryofEverything!)

.@peoplemag Treat chatting with you guys! Hope you enjoy the movie! E.Redmayne signing off.

The Detroit Free Press did this article about Eddie and his performance in The Theory of Everything. They speek with Eddie and his director James Marsh.

Actors can engage in plenty of odd pre-performance rituals, but when it comes to moments you’d rather strangers not see, few compare to hanging out in a London park and mimicking Stephen Hawking.

That was life for Eddie Redmayne in the months before he took on playing the scientist in the new biopic “The Theory of Everything.” Redmayne would practice Hawking’s physicality through the ages while a movement coach captured it all on camera. Then the actor would study the footage and go out and do it all over again.

“It was a little like shooting a love scene,” Redmayne said over lunch at the Waldorf Astoria recently. “You knew it was good for the movie, but there was also a bit of ‘can we get out of here?’ ”

Redmayne makes audience members want to stay firmly in their seats through the James Marsh-directed “Theory,” which focuses on the relationship between Hawking and his former wife, Jane (Felicity Jones), and is based on the second and more gentle of two memoirs she wrote about their marriage. Redmayne plays Hawking with an air of both swagger and wry humor — and a distinct absence of self-pity — while also capturing the subtle but devastating encroachments of Hawking’s rare motor-neuron disease.

It’s a part that evokes the extreme physicality of Daniel Day-Lewis in “My Left Foot,” and it has already attracted a slew of attention for the 32-year-old British stage veteran — while reigniting the theory that British actors are just better than other actors at playing period drama.

“There’s this sort of cliche that a British actor likes to put on the clothes and then begins to find the character, and an American actor looks inside first,” Marsh said when asked about the phenomenon. “Both can be brilliant, but they’re very different processes.”

To play Hawking, Redmayne studied nuances like the difference between upper and lower neurons, trying to break down the role to a granular degree. At some point in Hawking’s degeneration, for example, the upper arm might be spastic while the lower half was rigid. Redmayne wanted to capture that, but the effort required an unusually intense kind of mental split. “When a scene ended you’d hear this exhalation and realize just how much energy Eddie was consuming while barely moving,” Jones recalled.

Since Hawking’s condition was degenerative, Redmayne also needed to study the entire life of the septuagenarian scientist. In the years since the 1980s, video footage of Hawking has been abundant, but the several decades before yield only the occasional photograph. Redmayne consulted medical textbooks and talked to nurses who worked with Hawking to reconstruct how his condition evolved over the years.

If all that wasn’t challenging enough, “Theory” was, like most movies, shot out of sequence. That meant Redmayne could be skipping ahead to a latter-life level of degeneration in the morning, then winding the clock back to an early-disease moment in the afternoon. It grew so complicated that the actor kept a chart on set tracking where the film was relative to Hawking’s real-life condition. Each point on the chart would contain the movements he could and couldn’t do, and he would often consult it before jumping into a scene.

“I remember thinking when I started this, ‘Well, this is going to be interesting.’ And it was.” He paused. “Everything would affect everything else.”

Redmayne is a seasoned player on the theater circuit — he won Olivier and Tony awards for his supporting part in the art-world play “Red” and has done “Richard II” in London — but he has had a less prominent film career. His best-known role was as Marius in Tom Hooper’s “Les Misérables” two years ago.

Good-natured with an outgoing streak, he seems to be hovering between the less Hollywood world he comes from (he attended Cambridge, where he would sometimes see Hawking at a distance, and in a few months will get married to a non-actress, Hannah Bagshawe) and the more slick one he has sometimes dipped into. (He has worked as a model.)

While making “Theory,” the actor worried that he was perhaps taking his Hawking performance too far and feared he might insult the famed scientist. The ice was broken, though, when the two finally met. Redmayne was nervous and began babbling. He even mentioned his birth sign and asked Hawking what his was. There was a pause, and then Hawking quipped, “You know, Eddie, I’m an astronomer, not an astrologer.”

Last night Eddie was interviewed by Seth Meyers and what a fun interview! Here is a clip in case you missed it!

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Eddie is one of the men included in People’s 2014 Sexiest Men Alive Issue! I love Eddie’s reaction to his inclusion.

“I think you’ve made a wild mistake,” the 32-year-old claims about his inclusion in the Sexiest Man Alive issue. “I have three brothers and a sister and so I’ve been continually teased all my life. I’m sure this will merely encourage more. Thank you PEOPLE for giving them more fodder.” Hey, anything we can do to help.

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MovieFone shares this great video about when Stephen Hawking visited the set of the film The Theory of Everything.

Making a biopic about still-living people is nerve-wracking stuff, according to the cast and crew of “The Theory of Everything,” which tells the story of Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane Wilde. But when the subjects of the film come to visit the set, the stakes are even higher.

A new featurette about “Theory,” premiering today exclusively on Moviefone, depicts just such an occasion, when Hawking and Wilde stopped by the Cambridge shoot to watch the filming of the key May Ball scene.

“It was the most surreal experience,” says Felicity Jones, who plays Wilde in the film, about seeing the real-life couple on set while delivering her lines. Co-star Eddie Redmayne, who plays Hawking, put it more bluntly, saying he felt “great trepidation” about the experience, but also “wonderful pride” knowing Hawking was watching them work.

For his part, Hawking was quite pleased with “Theory,” noting that he was “quite surprised” that a film would be made about him, and praising the “extraordinary” May Ball scene in particular.

This morning Eddie & Felicity stopped by the Today show to discuss their film “The Theory of Everything” – I especially loved Eddie’s comment about how Jane Wilde commented on his hair!

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Plus we have caps from the interview!

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What a great compliment to Eddie from Mr. Stephen Hawking! This article is from The Independent!

Stephen Hawking has said he was so impressed with Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of him on the big screen that at times he mistook the actor for himself.

Hawking has praised Redmayne’s performance in the forthcoming biopic The Theory Of Everything, which follows the renowned scientist’s life from his days as a PhD student to being honoured by the Queen in 1989.

“I thought Eddie Redmayne portrayed me very well. At times I thought he was me. I think Eddie’s commitment will have a big emotional impact,” said the physicist, who shed a tear when he first saw the film.

Redmayne has admitted that he was daunted by the prospect of playing the eminent scientist, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at the age of 21.

The actor said he did not know Hawking had been “entirely healthy” as a young man before reading the script, but described the process of preparing for the role as “riveting”.

Redmayne met with specialists to analyse photographs of Hawking and see how motor neurone disease manifested itself in the scientist’s body. He later worked with a choreographer to perfect Hawking’s movements.

The film, which is based on Hawking’s ex-wife Jane Wilde’s memoir A Life with Stephen, tells the story of the young couple, who fell in love while studying at Cambridge University in the Sixties.

Wilde, who is portrayed by Felicity Jones in the film, remains determined to marry the young Hawking despite being told by doctors that he only has two years to live.

The couple went on to have three children together, but later divorced in 1995.

The Theory of Everything is released in the UK on 1 January following its current release in the US in order to qualify for an Oscar nomination.

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We have some stills of Eddie from his recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

Thank you to Claudia!

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As we know the wedding of Eddie to his fiance Hannah are coming soon … and Eddie has talked with E!Online about the upcoming nuptials and the planning.

It sounds like Eddie Redmayne will soon be a married man!

The 32-year-old actor, who got engaged to fiancée Hannah Bagshawe back in June, tells E! News he’s currently in major wedding planning mode.

“We are in the midst of it all now,” the Brit star told E! News on Friday at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards. “The plan is a winter wedding. We’re in the thick of that at the moment…We’re doing our best.”

As for juggling both wedding planning and awards season with his critically acclaimed movie The Theory of Everything, Redmayne laughed, “Priorities! We’ve planned this long in advance. It’s the most wonderful thing.”

And Redmayne is definitely excited to tie the knot! “I’m desperate. I’m jumping at the bit,” he gushed. “I can’t wait to be married.”

Redmayne also gushed about all the Oscar buzz his performance as Stephen Hawking is getting. “I try and literally put one foot in front of the other,” he said of navigating all the upcoming awards shows. “The fact that people seem to be excited about the movie, that just means the world.”

Redmayne also revealed where the term Redmayniacs (the name given to his fans) originated.

“I did an interview a few years ago with The Guardian in England and I think the journalist was talking about the Cumberbitches, Benedict’s fans,” he dished. “And then she decided to name my fans that. I don’t know whether it’s an official title. They seem like lovely people, they don’t seem like maniacs at all.”