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July 28, 2014
Ali   Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne: ‘I almost vomited during Jupiter Ascending’ Jupiter Ascending

Eddie shared how the process of making his new film Jupiter Ascending wasn’t always a smooth ride.

Eddie Redmayne has admitted that working on Jupiter Ascending wasn’t a smooth process.

The actor plays Balem Abrasax in the latest film to be written and directed by siblings Andy and Lana Wachowski.

Speaking to Empire, the actor said that he was hoisted up on wires to perform stunts.

“I was strung on these wires 40 feet in the air with harness around me which it transpires the Wachowskis invented back in the day,” he explained.

“I’m basically spun in the air at about 50mph. It was for a moment in the film in which I go through what they call a ‘grav-through’. I almost vomited at the end. I was so unprepared for this gigantic wedgie, dressed head-to-toe in leathers.”

The Les Miserables actor, who recently got engaged to his partner Hannah Bagshawe, will soon be seen playing Stephen Hawking in film Theory of Everything.

Jupiter Ascending is due to hit screens in February, 2015.


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