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November 22, 2014
Ali   Comments Off on Benedict Cumberbatch Speaks Out About the Rivalry with Him and Eddie Redmayne Articles & Interviews

Many have talked about how Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne will be “duking it out” during awards season and Benedict has responded to the comments.

“It’s not a rivalry. It’s friendship. People can whip it up as much as they like and we will just stand back and laugh. I will be the first person on my feet if he wins any of the prizes that he will rightfully be nominated for. I haven’t seen his work as Stephen Hawking, apart from the trailers. But I know, because of how much integrity he has, and how extraordinary he has been in every piece of work that I have seen him in, that it will be a masterful moment in cinema history. So I will be front and center screaming, applauding and delighting on any accolade thrown his way.”

What a class act Mr. Cumbercatch is!

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