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December 5, 2015
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DuJour did a series of actor’s defining moment’s on their most recent films. Here Eddie talks about his’s during the filming of The Danish Girl.

“There is a scene in the film, in which my character Lili is still living as Einar, and she goes out in Paris to a peep show,” Redmayne says of his role as a transgender woman in 1920s Europe. “There are men watching this woman dance, and Lili watches through a pane of glass, and then starts emulating her. This woman looks through the glass and sees the real Lili, not just her in the male guise. It was an extraordinary scene to shoot because I hadn’t met the woman playing the dancer before, and we didn’t really get to know each other, but we had this spontaneous and improvised moment together. It was unlike any other acting experience I ever had, and it was completely unique. It was just a moment and then it was gone, but I think it was one of the more important moments in the film.”

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