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Sep 09, 14   Ali   Comments Off on All New Look! Site

Thanks to Nicole & her talent we have this awesome new theme here and in the gallery at Eddie Redmayne Web! The theme features the photoshoot Eddie did last year for The Times UK. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Jan 06, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Site Update! Images, Site

As you may have noticed there was some downtime on the site … the site was compromised but with the help of our host and my good friend Claudia we were able to get things back up and running. But we lost a few updates in the clean up … so I have re-added the […]

Nov 22, 13   Ali   Comments Off on All New Looks! Site

After almost a year I decided that it was time for an all new look here at Eddie Redmayne Web! There are new themes at the main site and the gallery … a giant thanks to my friend Tathy for designing the themes!

Mar 12, 13   Ali   Comments Off on New Theme for the Gallery Site

We have a new gallery theme here at Eddie Redmayne Web … I designed the header and my friend Claudia helped with the coding! I hope you like it!

Jan 06, 13   Ali   Comments Off on A Whole New Look Site

Thanks to my talented friend Flor the site has it’s first official design! I hope you like it as much as I do. The images used are from one of my very favorite shoots that Eddie has done.

Jan 06, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Happy 31st Birthday Eddie!!! Site

I want to wish Eddie a very Happy Birthday! Hope it is wonderful! Go celebrate by going and seeing Les Miserables again!!!!

Jan 05, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne Web Is Launched Site

Welcome to Eddie Redmayne Web! I am so excited to be able to finally share this site with you! I am launching the site with a temporary theme featuring Eddie’s character Marius Pontmercy from his new film Les Misérables! There is so much more to be added but I just couldn’t keep the fun to […]

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