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Jan 28, 13   Ali   1 Comment Articles & Interviews, Events, Video

TNT shared this interview of Eddie being interviewed on the red carpet last night as he arrived at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Jan 20, 13   Ali   Comments Off on The Jonathan Ross Show Articles & Interviews, Video

Last night Eddie made an appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show … such a fun interview … they covered everything from Les Misérables, the Golden Globe Awards, Eddie’s freckles, lips and bum! Here is a video of the interview for those that missed it and for those that want to watch it again!

Jan 14, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Video Clips from the Golden Globes Awards, Events, Video

Thanks to my friend Brianne we have this great clip of the cast winning for Best Picture!!! Plus the Golden Globes released this video of the cast of Les Mis in the press room after their win!

Jan 12, 13   Ali   Comments Off on New Media Section Video

I am so excited to share that I have added a brand new section to the site which features video clips … The Media Section. The videos of interviews, talk shows, award show presentations, etc … all featuring Eddie. I hope you will enjoy it! There is just a small selection right now but I […]

Jan 12, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Clip of Eddie Presenting at the Critic’s Choice Awards Video

I am just starting to add a media section of videos to the site … but here is the first one. It is a clip of Eddie presenting to Anne at the Critic’s Choice Awards!

Jan 11, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Clip of Eddie Presenting at the People’s Choice Awards Video

I was finally able to find a video clip of Eddie presenting at the People’s Choice Awards!

Jan 08, 13   Ali   Comments Off on The Hollywood Reporter Scans Images, Magazines, Video

In December the cast of Les Miserables did a photoshoot for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. I have added scans from this amazing shoot to the gallery. Gallery Links: – Eddie Redmayne Web > PUBLICATIONS > 2012 > December 14 | The Hollywood Reporter You can also watch a video of Eddie and his […]

Jan 06, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Quotes from the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala Events, Video

While at the awards gala last night Tom Hooper spoke of Eddie and having him there with him to present his award. And then they spoke with Eddie about his birthday. Eddie Redmayne was similarly plotting to “muster up a few stray Brits” to ring in his 31st birthday the next day with his Les […]

Jan 05, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Amanda Seyfried: ‘Eddie Redmayne is incredible’ Co-Stars, Les Misérables, Video

Here is a video clip done from the London premiere of Les Mis. Both Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks speaks out about working with Eddie. (the video is on auto play so to watch click continue to watch!)

Jan 05, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Les Miserables Cast Shares Their Vocal Warm Ups Co-Stars, Les Misérables, Video

While on the red carpet promoting their film Les Miserables the cast demonstrates their warm up routines. Especially love Samantha Barks!!!

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