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November 10, 2016   Ali   Guest Appearances, Images Comments Off on Eddie on the Tonight Show

Here are some pics of Eddie from his guest appearance on the Tonight Show last night.

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November 10, 2016   Ali   Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on Clips from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Eddie was on the Tonight Show last night. Such a fun interview especially considering his friend Lily Collins was also on.

Check out clips from the interview below:

November 10, 2016   Ali   Relationships & Family, Video Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne on His Favorite Part of Fatherhood: My Daughter’s ‘Massive Grin’ Is the ‘Greatest Thing’

Eddie Redmayne may have his hands full at the moment promoting his new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but his wake-up calls have less to do with work and everything to do with family.

“It’s in the morning,” Redmayne tells PEOPLE of his favorite part of being a new dad to daughter Iris Mary, 4 months. “If Iris has managed to sleep through the night and then you hear a gentle squeak and you go in [her room] and turn on the light … and the massive grin that’s like, ‘It’s a whole new day.’ That’s probably the greatest thing.”

The Oscar-winning actor, 34, shares that his daughter with wife Hannah is quite smiley — but that she also isn’t the traditional crier.

“Hilariously, she’s learned to shout,” Redmayne says. “She doesn’t cry much, but she’s learned to shout.”

“Maybe she wants you to turn the light off,” jokes Redmayne’s Fantastic Beasts costar Katherine Waterston.

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“It’s hilarious, she’ll just be sitting there going, ‘Behhhhh!’ ” Redmayne mimics. “Like, what is that noise? From this tiny little thing.”

“You make it sound a little bit like a sheep,” Waterston says.

“She doesn’t sound like a sheep, but it definitely doesn’t sound like a noise that could come from someone so small,” the new dad clarifies.

Since he became a father in June, The Theory of Everything star says he has learned that all the advice he heard about being a parent has been true for him and his wife.

“The amazing this is that everything that everyone has ever told you — all of the clichés — you become the person starting to spout out the clichés, as if they are the newest thought,” he confesses.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is in theaters Nov. 18.

November 10, 2016   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Cast: “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”

Yesterday Eddie & his Fantastic Beasts cast mates were at the Apple Store in Soho yesterday for their Meet the Cast. You can tell that Eddie was enjoying the cupcakes they gave the cast!

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November 10, 2016   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Relationships & Family, Video Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne on Fatherhood: ‘I Don’t Think Anything Can Prepare You’

Entertainment Tonight talks to Eddie about his daughter Iris.

Eddie Redmayne is dishing on his new life as a dad.

The 34-year-old British star, who welcomed his 4-month-old daughter, Iris Mary, with wife Hannah Bagshawe this summer, admits nothing could have prepared him to become a dad to the adorable tot.

“I don’t think anything can prepare [you],” the Oscar winner told ET’s Lauren Zima at the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them junket in New York City over the weekend. “The amazing thing is everything that everyone tells you beforehand — which is all cliché — is true. You’ve heard it all before and yet when you’re experiencing it, it feels like the first time and you suddenly start telling everyone these things as if they’re completely new and original thoughts. And they’re like, ‘Yeah that’s the cliché.’”

“But all the things [like] different parts of your heart opening … it’s really extraordinary,” continued the proud dad, who married Bagshawe in 2014. “There’s this amazing thing with children — whenever you’re having a bit of a tired moment or something, it’s like she’s always just one stop ahead of you, smiling you along. It’s great.”

While his wee girl’s smile never fails to brighten dark days, it’s her relentless enthusiasm for life that Redmayne says is one of his favorite things about being a parent.

“Waking up every morning and going in [her room] and she’s so excited to see another day,” gushed the Theory of Everything star.

Redmayne plays Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts, the first of a five-installment prequel series to the blockbuster Harry Potter film franchise.

He also said he’s thrilled to be a series of a film that his daughter can watch when she’s older.

“I feel like we grew up watching those films and getting to dive into that world every year or two. I used to find it so cozy,” he said. “It was like getting a hug every year or two from J.K. Rowling and I love the idea of another generation having something similar. Even though Fantastic Beasts is a different period, it’s still the Harry Potter world. It’s still got that same warmth and kindness.”

November 10, 2016   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Comments Off on Q&A: Redmayne on finally getting his Harry Potter shot

Here is a new Q&A Eddie did with The Associated Press.

NEW YORK (AP) — After spending two straight falls consumed by awards season, Eddie Redmayne is taking a break from the Oscars and fronting his first franchise.

In the Harry Potter prequel “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” the mantle of J.K. Rowling’s leading man has been passed from Radcliffe to Redmayne. His Newt Scamander also wields a wand, but he’s a humbler operator in the same magical realm. Newt is a sheepish Brit arriving in 1926 New York, with a leather case stuffed with wondrous but outlawed creatures.

Though the film, which also stars Colin Farrell, Katherine Waterson and Dan Fogler, is an ensemble, Redmayne is undoubtedly the freckled face of the new Pottermania. It’s a new, high-pressured role for Redmayne, an Oscar winner for his Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything” and a nominee for last year’s “The Danish Girl.” So is fatherhood; in June, his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, gave birth to their daughter, Iris.

A few hours after taking a break from promotional duties with Iris, Redmayne chatted in a downtown Manhattan hotel about his headlong dive into Rowling’s empire, the film’s multicultural message and just how many movies he’s gotten himself into.

AP: Your first blush with the Harry Potter world came much earlier, didn’t it?

Redmayne: This is true. When I was at university, they were casting the net quite wide for Tom Riddle, the young Voldemort. I had gotten an audition. I think I was seeing the casting director’s eighth assistant. I remember surviving about three and a half lines of the first scene before I was shown the door, so I wasn’t very successful. It wasn’t the greatest introduction to the Harry Potter world.

AP: I imagine, being a young actor in Britain, many of your contemporaries were finding their way in.

Redmayne: I definitely thought having a slight ginger gene there must be some distant relative of a Weasley I could be. I had lots of friends — Robert Pattinson did the film and then Domhnall Gleeson played a Weasley. They would come back with wonderful tales. But I never got the call.

AP: So how did “Fantastic Beasts” come to you?

Redmayne: It came in the most wonderfully cryptic, slightly sort of Harry Potter-y way. I got a call saying that (director) David Yates wanted to meet. We met at a club called Blacks in Soho in London. I went downstairs and I found David sitting by a roaring fire. And I have this little case, this Globe-Trotter case that I always use as my work case. I think I was working on “The Danish Girl” so I came from there. He just gently started telling me this story and introducing me to who Newt Scamander was. And then he mentioned this case that had this sort of Mary Poppins-like quality. And I subtly pushed my case back. I was so mortified that he might think I was that actor who had turned up dressed as the character.

AP: What did Rowling tell you about Newt?

Redmayne: We had a discussion for about an hour two weeks before filming. It was the first time I met her. She told me where Newt came from in her imagination and aspects of her own life. It was a really wonderful conversation and galvanizing conversation. But it’s not one that’s really my place to talk about because it was personal to her.

AP: The fantastical beasts your character is secretly shepherding are deeply feared and banned in America. The political subtext is hard to miss.

Redmayne: I find that interesting in what it represents of things we don’t know, things we see as other that we just become terrified of and dismiss. Newt believes, with the right education for both wizards and the creatures, there’s a way to live harmoniously. I don’t feel like he’s a broadcaster. He’s doing it in his own gentle way.

AP: Rowling has recently announced she plans not three but five “Fantastic Beasts” films. Will you be around for all of them?

Redmayne: In my heart of hearts, I don’t know. I’m contracted to a few more but they always contract you to more in case you’re needed. But I think only Jo knows what the story is. What I feel, what I get the sense of, is that Newt and his case and the beasts are the catalyst and the entrance — our eyes — into this much bigger story that she wants to tell about good versus evil. I had the most wonderful time doing it and I would love to be a part of it as it moves forward — unless I get killed off!

November 10, 2016   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Video Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne Tried (and Hilariously Failed) to Play Star Wars’ Kylo Ren

This is so fun to imagine! Read the E!Online article about how Eddie auditioned to play Kylo Ren in Star Wars.

In an alternate reality, Eddie Redmayne could have been the face behind Kylo Ren’s mask in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them star opened up to the podcast Happy Sad Confused and recalled when he auditioned for the villainous role that ultimately went to Adam Driver.

“So, I was going for, I think, for Adam Driver. They gave me like a Star Trek scene, or like something from Pride and Prejudice. It was one of those films,” he recalled. “With films that top secret, they don’t give you the actual lines, so they give you a scene from Pride and Prejudice, but then they tell you you’re auditioning for the baddie. If you’re me, you then put some ridiculous voice on.”

Unfortunately, that “ridiculous voice” didn’t work out for Redmayne. “That was really a hilarious moment. Because it was Nina Gold, who I have to thank a lot because she’s cast me in several films,” he continued. “And she was just sitting there and I was trying again and again with different versions of my kind of ‘koohh paaaah’ [Darth Vader breathing sound] voice. And after like 10 shots she’s like, ‘You got anything else?’ I was like, ‘No.'”

In hindsight, Redmayne probably isn’t too upset about it because he secured the starring role in J.K. Rowling’s latest creative project. Playing magizoologist Newt Scamander, Redmayne is more than ready to enchant No-Maj and Muggle fans alike.
“I’m useless at keeping secrets, so it’s been a really stressful few months,” Redmayne told Ellen DeGeneres. “But there are some great surprises—wonderful surprises that I’m very excited about.”

Fantastic Beasts was originally intended to be a trilogy, but Warner Bros. recently upped it to a five-film franchise. Rowling’s announcement came as a “complete shock” to the cast. “She always had a specific story she wanted to tell, which goes much further beyond just Newt and his case, but we didn’t realize it was going to be five films.”

November 10, 2016   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on Toronto Premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

This past weekend Eddie attended the Toronto Premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Thanks to Claudia for the pics!

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November 2, 2016   Ali   Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne, a Zoo Unto Himself, Really, Really, Really Commits to Some Animal Impressions

Okay if I didn’t already love Eddie this clip would have sealed the deal!

Ellen Degeneres is a mad TV genius who lives to make Hollywood stars dance, neigh, and bark for your amusement. Today’s victim: Eddie Redmayne, who does a series of animal impressions with a level of bizarre commitment that’s only outmatched by his efforts in Jupiter Ascending. Forget The Danish Girl and The Theory of Everything, give Eddie an Oscar for the raw honesty of “monkey,” and the moving subtlety of “penguin.”

They say great art speaks for itself, so we’ll leave it at that.


November 2, 2016   Ali   Guest Appearances, Video Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne talks the ‘constant jetlag’ of new parenting on ‘Ellen’

USA Today gives us a sneak peek at Eddie’s appearance on the Ellen show today.

Parenting a newborn is hard. Even if you’re a wizard.

Eddie Redmayne, who will be waving his wand in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the movie, and also his own little bundle of magic. In clips from the episode set to air Wednesday, Redmayne talks about his four-and-a-half-month-old daughter, Iris, and all the joy and pain that comes from being a new dad.

“Before you’re a parent you sort of hear people talking about (sleepless nights),” the actor told Ellen. “And then suddenly you’re the guy who’s floating in a constant jet-lag with an I.V. of caffeine. And so I’ve become that person.”

But don’t worry, even though she’s not sleeping through the night yet, Redmayne says Iris is “heaven.” And apparently, as Redmayne explained on the show, she has already successfully flown from the U.K. to Rio. The fact that she was with the entire British Olympic team is just gravy.

Watch Redmayne on Ellen below.

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