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January 25, 2015   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Relationships & Family Comments Off on Why Eddie Redmayne Is Going Solo to the SAG Awards

Eddie shared why Hannah wasn’t able to join him on the red carpet tonight. I love how cute he is about his new wife!

Good news, ladies: Eddie Redmayne is flying solo … for the night.

The Theory of Everything actor – who’s up for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role – is date-less at Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. So where’s new wife Hannah?

Turns out, she had to head back to reality after a few whirlwind weeks of Hollywood glamour.

“She’s not here because she does a proper job,” Redmayne, 33, told PEOPLE and TNT on the red carpet. “We had our honeymoon over Christmas, and then we came to L.A. for the Golden Globes, and she was like, ‘I think I should probably go and show my face at work.’ ”

“No, she’s fantastically supportive,” he added.

Still, starring in an award-winning biopic about the world’s leading theoretical physicist sounds pretty proper to us.


January 25, 2015   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on Producers Guild Awards

Last night Eddie attended the Producers Guild Awards last night … I have added pics from the event to the gallery. A giant thank you to Claudia & Kaci for sharing some of these pics with us!

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January 24, 2015   Ali   Images Comments Off on Eddie & Emma Photo Shoot

More pics from the New York Times article shoot with Eddie & Emma Stone. Thanks to Renee for sharing these with us!

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January 23, 2015   Ali   Images Comments Off on The Wrap Oscar Contenders Photoshoot

The Wrap has released some new images of Eddie as part of their Oscar Contenders Gallery. These were taken in November as part of the Theory of Everything promotion.

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January 23, 2015   Ali   Articles & Interviews Comments Off on Emma Stone and Eddie Redmayne On Relationships, Paparazzi and Belated Birthday Wishes

The New York Times did this awesome interview with Eddie & actress Emma Stone! They are so cute!

Emma Stone was delighted to grant Eddie Redmayne a retroactive wish on his birthday candle, since he forgot to make one when he blew it out.

“Is that allowed?” the actor asked, 33 to the day, a recent Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee as best actor for his portrayal of the physicist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.” He won a Tony Award in 2010 as best featured actor in the Broadway play “Red.”

“Absolutely!” declared Ms. Stone, 27, a film actress best known for her roles in “Easy A” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise. She made her Broadway debut last year in “Cabaret,” in which she continues through Feb. 15, and is also nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress in “Birdman.”

But she drew the line when Mr. Redmayne floated the idea of a second wish.

“You can’t make them all day,” she said.

Over a late lunch at Angus’ Cafe Bistro — a croque-monsieur for Mr. Redmayne and truffle fries (“without the truffle, please”) for Ms. Stone — the pair discussed their childhood ambitions, propensity to worry and the young actor’s life.

PHILIP GALANES: Millions of little kids see “Annie” and “Les Miz” every year. And lots of them turn to their parents and say, “Mom, Dad, I want to be an actor.” But no one takes them seriously.

EMMA STONE: Can you imagine if your kid said that to you?

EDDIE REDMAYNE: I’d say, “Under no circumstances!”

ES: I would punish mine.

PG: So, how did you get away with it?

ES: I made a PowerPoint presentation for my parents when I was 14. I asked them to let me move to L.A.

ER: On a computer?

ES: Yeah, all about why I should be an actor. I never wanted to do anything else, from 7 on. It wasn’t a flight of fancy. I asked to be home-schooled in a different presentation when I was 12. That was on a clipboard. I’m not kidding. I make presentations because when I feel strongly about something, I cry.

ER: You cry?

ES: When I feel really passionate, I get overwhelmed, and it makes me cry. I learned early on to be more logical and make presentations.

PG: Eddie’s parents took a leap, too. They let you mooch around the house after your degree from Cambridge, letting you try to break into acting, right?

ER: I got the bug when I was 12 and did a production of “Oliver” that Sam Mendes directed. Not that I ever met him. I was Workhouse Boy No. 40 in a cast of 800 children that changed every week.

ES: And you loved it?

ER: I got to leave school early and go into the West End. I got into the grubby artifice that created this extraordinary thing, so I kept at it. My dad works in finance, so he kept giving me the stats: only one in a hundred actors makes it. He’d ask, “Have you thought about producing?”

January 20, 2015   Ali   Images, Savage Grace Comments Off on Gallery Update | Savage Grace

I have added a bunch of HQ stills of Eddie in his film Savage Grace to the gallery!

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January 18, 2015   Ali   Images, Theory of Everything Comments Off on New The Theory of Everything Stills

I have added some great new HQ stills of Eddie as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything! Go check out the gallery!

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January 15, 2015   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on The Critic’s Choice Awards

Tonight was the Critic’s Choice Awards and Eddie was nominated for Best Actor. Unfortunately he did not win but he looked dashing in his tuxedo and it looks like he had a good time! I have added some pics to the gallery.

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January 15, 2015   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Awards, Relationships & Family Comments Off on Eddie’s Mom Is Proud of his Oscar Nomination

Eddie’s mother Patricia has shared with the Daily Mail her feelings about Eddie being nominated for an Academy Award.

He has already received a string of accolades for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

But it seems an Oscar nomination is the icing on the cake – for Eddie Redmayne’s mother, at least.

As the British star was announced as a contender for the Best Actor gong yesterday, his ecstatic mother Patricia, 65, admitted she ‘hadn’t dared hope’ her son would be acknowledged by the world’s biggest film awards.

She said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted and over the moon with the news.

‘I found out this afternoon and I had some champagne with some friends to celebrate. I think there are so many great actors out there at the moment, I think he has done so well to be nominated. I’ve spoken to him on the phone and he is just very, very excited.’

Speaking outside her home in Chelsea, she added: ‘I think it was an extraordinary film and after a time watching it I forgot it was Eddie. I just thought it was Stephen Hawking.

‘He’s a performer and has been ever since he was five and he first started singing at school. I remember at his 21st birthday one of his friends gave a speech saying they were looking forward to seeing him at the Oscars. He’s coming home soon, and I think we will all be going out for a meal to celebrate.’

January 15, 2015   Ali   Images, Magazines Comments Off on Interview Magazine Shoot

Here are some images from the new photoshoot featured in the February issue of Interview Magazine.

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