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January 13, 2013   Ali   Awards, Les Misérables Comments Off on Golden Globes | Congratulations Les Misérables!

A giant congratulations to the cast of crew of Les Misérables for their wins tonight at the Golden Globe Awards. The film won Best Motion Picture: Musical/Comedy; Hugh Jackman won for Best Actor in a Motion Picture: Musical/Comedy and Annie Hathaway won for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Musical/Comedy.

January 13, 2013   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on First Golden Globe Pic!

We have our first pic of Eddie on the red carpet!!! He looks so handsome! I will keep hunting for more!

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January 13, 2013   Ali   Co-Stars, Events, Images Comments Off on LoveGold Cocktail Party in Honor of Julianne Moore

Last night Eddie attended a cocktail party in honor of friend and co-star Julianne Moore who was being honored for her Golden Globe Award nomination.

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January 13, 2013   Ali   Articles & Interviews, Burberry, Les Misérables Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne on the Huge Pressure of filming Les Miserables

Speaking to Marie Claire online, Eddie admitted it wasn’t the live singing or his very famous co-stars that made him nervous about Les Miserables, it was the story’s following.

He said: ‘What made me nervous was the weight of expectation. Les Miserables has so many hard core Twilight-style fans of which the cast were some of them.

‘It was a weird mixture of having the weight of the Les Mis fans and the world on one shoulder and your own sense of expectation on the other.’

But what you can expect are some spectacular performances and not just from Oscar-nominated Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman. Eddie himself moves between three different plots, some of which were very intense, something he recalls, saying:

‘There were weird moments [on set] where my character has this quite tragic song – Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, which you sort of have to go there and commit to it. And other times I had these really romantic scenes and we were getting church giggles afterwards.’

While he may excel at making films, Eddie has also modelled for Burberry, although, rather endearingly, was pretty modest about that side of things.

When asked how he felt about being one of the famous faces in men’s fashion he told us: ‘It’s not something I have ever thought about or ever aspired to. Christopher Bailey is a great bastion and supporter of the arts in Britain.

‘He finds young musicians, artists, and actors and he supports that. So that’s really through Burberry that, I’m even seen in that [fashion] world. It’s all thanks to him.’

Les Miserables is out now.


January 12, 2013   Ali   Events, Images Comments Off on BAFTA LA Awards Season Tea Party

Tonight is the BAFTA LA’s Awards Season Tea Party which Eddie attended.

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January 12, 2013   Ali   Video Comments Off on New Media Section

I am so excited to share that I have added a brand new section to the site which features video clips … The Media Section. The videos of interviews, talk shows, award show presentations, etc … all featuring Eddie. I hope you will enjoy it! There is just a small selection right now but I will be gradually working on increasing it.

Here is one of the videos featured! I thought this was so fun! Watch Eddie, Hugh, Anne, Samantha & Aaron demonstrate their vocal warm up routines.

January 12, 2013   Ali   Images Comments Off on New Outtake from 2012

Here is a wonderful new outtake from a shoot that Eddie did during the Les Miserables promotion that was taken in November last year.

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January 12, 2013   Ali   Co-Stars, Les Misérables Comments Off on Jackman extraordinarily generous, says co-star

Eddie talked about working with Hugh Jackman.

Los Angeles, Jan 11 (IANS) Eddie Redmayne worked with Hugh Jackman in “Les Miserable” and says that he was like a “leader” on the sets.

Redmayne found his Australian co-star inspiring to work with in “Les Miserable”, a big screen musical adaptation of the Victor Hugo classic.

“Hugh was the leader. He would keep all our spirits up and every Friday he would buy all the cast and crew a lottery ticket because by that time we were on our knees. His capacity for generosity of spirit was extraordinary,” contactmusic.com quoted Redmayne, 31, as saying.

January 12, 2013   Ali   Images, The Yellow Handkerchief Comments Off on The Yellow Handkerchief Captures

As I am working on building up the gallery I will be gradually adding captures of Eddie’s films. Today I have added his film The Yellow Handkerchief where he co-starred with Kristen Stewart and William Hurt. Eddie does an amazing job in portraying Gordy in this film.

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January 12, 2013   Ali   Video Comments Off on Clip of Eddie Presenting at the Critic’s Choice Awards

I am just starting to add a media section of videos to the site … but here is the first one. It is a clip of Eddie presenting to Anne at the Critic’s Choice Awards!

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