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January 6, 2013   Ali   Images Comments Off on Glamour UK Scans

Thanks to my friend Claudia we have scans of Eddie in the February issue of Glamour UK.

Be sure to pic up your own copy of the magazine … the one with Emma Stone on the cover.

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January 6, 2013   Ali   Events, Video Comments Off on Quotes from the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala

While at the awards gala last night Tom Hooper spoke of Eddie and having him there with him to present his award.

And then they spoke with Eddie about his birthday.

Eddie Redmayne was similarly plotting to “muster up a few stray Brits” to ring in his 31st birthday the next day with his Les Miserables director Tom Hooper. “In fact, I think Hugh Jackman gave Amanda Seyfried a lapdance last year (for her birthday), so tomorrow’s a big day,” he said with a grin.

January 6, 2013   Ali   Site Comments Off on Happy 31st Birthday Eddie!!!

I want to wish Eddie a very Happy Birthday! Hope it is wonderful!

Go celebrate by going and seeing Les Miserables again!!!!

January 5, 2013   Ali   Articles & Interviews Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne on how he survives Hollywood sex scenes

UK’s Yahoo Movies spoke with Eddie about filming sex scenes in his films.

Actor Eddie Redmayne, 30, who plays student Marius in Tom Hopper’s Hollywood film adaptation of musical Les Misérables, insists actors are no more sexually experienced than anyone else.

“Everyone hates it. The actors. The directors. They’re terrified. They’ll shout: ‘Action!’ and you start going at it and going at it… just for as long as everyone can bear to. And eventually you and the actress just look at each other and go: ‘Can we stop now? PLEASE’.”

Movie sex is “always awkward”, he insists. ” Just imagine you had to do one. That’s exactly it! THAT is what it is. It’s not like [actors] know what we’re doing more.”

Redmayne also spoke about how directors often cast in him dark roles: “Confused. Sexually ambiguous. Incest. Down pat,” he joked.

Referring to his role in 2007’s Savage Grace, the true crime tale of a son, who is seduced by then murders his mother (played by Julianne Moore), he added. “Whenever directors ask: ‘Do you play anything other than period?’ I always say: ‘Have you not seen my incest film?'”.

Despite being a new film pin-up and model for Burberry menswear he says he was not the best looking teenager. “I feel like I was mid-ranking… Maybe a 6.5.”

January 5, 2013   Ali   Co-Stars, Les Misérables, Video Comments Off on Amanda Seyfried: ‘Eddie Redmayne is incredible’

Here is a video clip done from the London premiere of Les Mis. Both Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks speaks out about working with Eddie.

(the video is on auto play so to watch click continue to watch!)

January 5, 2013   Ali   News Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne speaks out about Taylor Swift

Eddie has spoken out about the rumors that he had a brief romance with Taylor Swift. He wants to set the record straight!

However Eddie found it ”offensive” when the press claimed he ”dumped” her as the whole thing was made up from one brief meeting.

He explained: ”It was absolute nonsense. We had a chat behind the stage for seven minutes. So I met Taylor Swift for an hour and seven minutes. Even by my standards that’s a pretty brief relationship!

”I find it offensive because it was I’ve ‘dumped’ her. You’re always told the press make stuff up, but when it’s about you, it’s extraordinary.

”Then you get emails from your friends going, ‘Dude, is it true …?’ ‘No!’ Then they don’t believe you.”


January 5, 2013   Ali   Co-Stars, Les Misérables, Video Comments Off on Les Miserables Cast Shares Their Vocal Warm Ups

While on the red carpet promoting their film Les Miserables the cast demonstrates their warm up routines.

Especially love Samantha Barks!!!

January 5, 2013   Ali   Images Comments Off on New Photo Shoot | The Times

A great new photo shoot of Eddie from the Times UK.

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January 5, 2013   Ali   Site Comments Off on Eddie Redmayne Web Is Launched

Welcome to Eddie Redmayne Web! I am so excited to be able to finally share this site with you! I am launching the site with a temporary theme featuring Eddie’s character Marius Pontmercy from his new film Les Misérables! There is so much more to be added but I just couldn’t keep the fun to myself anymore.

I want to take a moment to thank my friends Becca, Bee, Brianne & Claudia for their immense support and donations for the site!

To keep up to date with our updates to the site please be sure to follow us on twitter.

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